We have several options for this program depending on your needs. Have a look at the options and select the format that works best for you.


ITLS DUTY TO RESPOND is a 1-day hands-on practical trauma management course designed for first responders who have a duty to respond to emergencies. Police/Fire/EMS/Security


This course is designed for individuals who work as a part of a formal rescue and response system, typically having a duty to act as a member of a response team.


EMS Safety, is the next step in the evolution of this critical continuing education course. The course manual has been transformed into an engaging resource that can continue to be consulted after the course to assist in crafting proactive safety policies


To become licensed security guard, student must take government approved training. This training is approved in multiple provinces. Once you purchase the course the link will be sent out to you.


This course teaches how to operate various oxygen devices as well as how to respond and treat respiratory emergencies.


This is the Red Cross Advanced First Aid program that is recognized as MFR. The program is 80 hours in length and delivered in class. Please pick you deliver options.