Our Advanced ECG program reviews the rules of ECG interpretation as well as expanding and delivering the information required to understand and read a 12 lead ECG.

This is a 4 hour course course designed to take that next step into understanding the world of ECG'S. Recommended for the beginner practitioner. We Run these courses every Tuesday and Thursday Evening's as well as occasional weekends

Taking Trauma Training Online course reinterprets the ITLS Provider classroom instruction in a self-paced, online format that focuses on the essential knowledge to take better care of trauma patients.

PEPP is a comprehensive, innovative, and highly visual course featuring case-based lectures, live-action video, hands-on skills stations, and small group scenarios. 
Course Times: 9AM - 3:30AM

This format is delivered in two sections. 5.5 hours on-line and 8 hours in the classroom.

Red Cross Certification Only.

Strong Application to Real-World EMS
Progressive patient case studies evolve throughout every chapter, offering the learner genuine context for the application of the knowledge presented.

To become licensed security guard, student must take government approved training. This training is approved in multiple provinces. Once you purchase the course the link will be sent out to you.

Intended for employers, this course provides participants with information about cannabis in the workplace, focusing on the issue of impairment and providing practical guidance to help develop and apply appropriate and effective policies and procedures.